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Obiekt do sprzedania w miejscowości Ustronie Morskie o powierzchni 1467.00m2

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Obiekt na sprzedaz Ustronie_Morskie Making the house for advanced old age. Carring out health and rehabilitation bussines. Includes whole equipment of the center. Building one more floor of the main building. Moreover, the object is located in the cleanest area of baltic sea shore. The object is located in peaceful area, far from the turmoil so people can rest effectively. At the first floor, there is 12 room for 2-5 people with big bathroom, hall and balcony, the second floor is the same. Carrind out a social activity for the employers. In the second building there is 6 rooms more with bathroom and kitchen, 2 office premises, big community centre, equipped with audio-video, a tennis table, and 2 garages. Yearlong, functional recreation center with possibility of rehabilitation, located in ustronie morskie, in poland, 500m to the beach, in the area of th surface 5648 m2. The whole objest makes various possibilities of further development, or starting an activity in different sectors. The object is composed of two buildings: the main with the area of 1272 m2, and the minor with the area of 195 m2. It is perfect for families or older people. Two years ago it was thoroughly modernized, renovated and the furnishings was changed. The main building has 3 floors: 1- spacious hall, hall of exercise with rehabilitation equipment, toilets, technical premises, grocery, canteen for 80 people in the same time and the kitchen with other technical premises. There is also huge playing field, playground, car park and a lot of space to rest in the fresh air, to make a bonfire or grill. The main building with the area of 1272 m2 was built in 1984-1986.

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